On June 25, 2013 Dongbacshin organized “Skills contest Dongbacshin 2013” to discover, appriciate and reward “golden hands” in company’s team of workers. The contest was enthusiastically participated by all employees in whole company espcially tenical workers working in company’s shops: Assembly, Gas cuttting, Hull welding, Blasting, Painting,….

Giám đốc Công ty phát phiểu khai mạc hội thi

Company’s director announced the contest


Đại diện Ban Giám khảo hội thi phát biểu

Represent of board of jury’s speaking


Represent of contestant's speaking

Lãnh đạo Công ty chụp ảnh lưu niệm cùng các thí sinh

 Company’s executive  take pictures with  contestants


Các thi sinh làm bài thi nghiêm túc, tập trung

Contestants are earnestly doing the test