Total area :10 ha divided to sections pursuant to shipbuilding technological lines as well as specializing to create advance conditions for quality control and enhancement of productivities. 

 - Fabrication workshop: total area 1920m2 ( processed, manufactured and installed by the company )

Using steel hull structural fabrication: frames, web, horizontal slipway, longitudinal slipway… , finishing the shaped details. 

Machinery and Equipment arranged at fabrication workshop, including:

CNC gas cutting machine type 02 cutting vices : 01 piece.
NC 3 shafts bending machine. Bending largest plate corresponding 6.000 mm; thickness of 16 mm and diameter minimum of 850 mm: 01 piece .
NC profile steel bending machine : 01 piece.
Hydraulic cutting machine : 01 piece.
QC12Y-16x3.200 Hydraulic cutting machine : 01 piece .
Hydraulic pressure machine of 315 tons controlling by NC: 01 piece .
Crane of 10 tons: 01 piece.
Crane of 5 tons: 01 piece.


Air compressing system, service electrical system for repairing process and other auxiliary equipments : welding machines, cutting vices, auto welding machines.

Mechanical workshop : total area 576 m2 ( processed, manufactured and installed by the company)

Including pallet system, maintaining equipments, welding material drying cabinet system and air ventilation system, lighting system, fire fighting system.

In addition, the company owns outdoor metal warehouse system

Fabrication section for installation, launching of newbuilding.
Total area: 6000 m2
Serving for installing blocks for new building and launching vessels can ensure the implementation of the largest ships with a tonnage of 15,000 DWT.
Serving equipment includes:
Gate crane of 80 tons: 01 unit
Zoom lion tower crane of 40 tons: 01 unit
The airbag system + compressor to transfer technology from China to ensure launching the largest vessels with a tonnage of 20,000 DWT.
Other systems, machines, equipments for newbuilding:
Hull workshop No.2
Total area: 7000m2 divided to 03 sections
Section No.01 and No.02: for block fabrication
Area 3: The fabrication for manufacturing blocks.
Service equipment includes:
Crane of 30 tons for transportation and block upturning : 02 units
Crane of 5 tons for transportation of fabricated material : 01 unit
CNC gas oxygen Cutting machine , CNC plasma cutting machines, hydraulic pressure machines, hydraulic cutting machines, automatic welding machines, semi-automatic, AC welding machines, cutting, 75 ton trucks and other equipments for fabricating and manufacturing blocks...
Plate processing areas with a total area of 1200m2 with a prepared abrasive blasting production line, blocks painting and cleaning area.
Blasting house: Total area 500m2. Height: 10m
Auxiliary equipment and standard safe systems as : Lighting system, air ventilation system with total capacity at 33kw.